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Bringing life to the Lincolns through first person presentations to young and old, near and far.

About Us

What we do...

Fred and Bonnie do a first person presentation of President and Mrs. Lincoln. They cover the early years as well as the presidential years and will design a program to fit the clients desires. Programs generally run about 45-60 minutes plus time for questions, which are answered in the first person.

Who we are...

Fred and Bonnie are retired educators having worked in Michigan public schools for 30 years. Fred worked as a role player at Greenfield Village for 20+ years.

They are life members of the Lincoln Fellowship of Wisconsin, Surratt Society, the Lincoln Forum, and the Association of Lincoln Presenters.

Where we work...

Fred and Bonnie have done Lincoln presentations across America, in Canada, England, France, and Australia. They present to audiences from Kindergarten to adults. Audiences have included schools, colleges, civic organizations, Civil War events, churches, libraries, monument dedications, home school graduations, etc.


Lincolns speak at the Crocker House Museum

Dear Fred and Bonnie,

Thank you for coming all the way to Mount Clemens to give a program. This sold out quickly as you both have made a reputation of truly being President and Mrs. Lincoln. What talented and knowledgeable gems you both are! Thank you so much!

Kim Parr, Director of Crocker House Museum

The Lincolns meet another President - Gerald Ford

Lincolns speak in Hebron, Nebraska

We finally have the 2015 Memorial Day DVD edited after almost a year. We are still getting rave reviews on the program. We feel very fortunate to have you folks. Thank you so much for being a major part of our Memorial Day. It was the best Hebron ever had.


Lloyd and Carol Buchyler

Henry Ford Village

Thank you once again for coming and sharing a bit of your faith journey with our congregation this past Sunday.  Elaine and I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to have our first lunch with a former President and his wife.  BTW – I have heard nothing but positive comments on your presentations.  As I mentioned to you, I am suggesting that the Dearborn Christian Ministers Association sponsor a Prayer Breakfast here on Thursday morning, May 3.  I cannot speak for them at this point but would appreciate your tentatively reserving that date for a return visit to HFV. 

Pastor Kurt Gebhard

Programs Available

Douglas, Duels, and Dancing - exciting story of the courtship and marriage of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd.

Why Are Those Footprints Up There? - humorous and inspiring stories of and about Abraham Lincoln - for elementary schools.

The Road to Civil War - an accounting of the events regarding the slavery question from the forming of the Constitution to the election of Lincoln to the Presidency - for 8th graders and up.

Why Did He Wait So Long? - an account of how President Lincoln arrived at the Emancipation Proclamation when he did. Available in first person and third person versions.

Mr. Lincoln, You're Such A Caution - the Lincolns share some rather humorous events from their lives in Springfield and Washington City.

The Taste is in My Mouth A Little - Mr. Lincoln recounts the events from the debates with Stephen Douglas to election to the highest office in the land.

Who Would Jack Vote For? - the election campaign of 1864 with all its twists and turns would make today's politicians blush.

Let Us Not Forget - Mr. Lincoln speaks to the issues of his day, slavery in particular, and offers some advice on how  people in the future can deal with their problems.

Who Was the First Texting President? - communications  during the Civil War was a huge challenge for the President and an army that was scattered over the U.S. from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River. Mr. Lincoln found his answer in the telegraph. This is the story of how he used this new technology to help win the war.

Pilot of A Storm-tossed Ship - with the care of a great nation upon his shoulders, meet Mr. Lincoln's soul.

Now...From the White House - political intrigue and interesting lives in the White House of President and Mrs. Lincoln.

"The Most Talked of Man in the Country" - Story of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth - close friend of the Lincolns and first Union officer to die in the Civil War.

Let "Em Up Easy - what to do about reconstruction? Mr. Lincoln outlines his plans.

Fashion of Freedom - the amazing and inspiring story of Lizzy Keckley and her friend Mary Lincoln.

It's Tea Time! with Mary Lincoln - afternoon or evening tea and delightful conversation with Mary  for a pleasant cultural experience.

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